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Jan. 23, 2018
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How to order the doujinshi.
It is quite simple.^^ You can cancel your order any time when you can not pay.

If you buy single item with default shipping way.

You can pay with a credit card for the item before receiving the invoice .

More purchase. or if you need other shipping ways.

Please wait the payment until all items finished and I send you a combine invoice.

(1).If you won or buy out the item.
I will send the combine invoice ,the payment instruction message in this site.(This site's message board.) and a request payment
within 24hours or so.

(2).You finish the payment.
MEMBERS AREA =>Bidding =>Invoice Recieved=>Pay with Direct Payment
(you can pay with a credit card.)

(3).I will ship the item in a few days after completion of payment.

Combined shipping cost Please refer to this table.
I will gladly combine items for shipping, but PLEASE WAIT until all items are finished AND I SEND YOU A COMBINED INVOICE or I will not be able to combine them.
Shipping Method1book2books3books4books5booksMore than 5books
SAL (10-14days) default$5.00$8.00$11.00$14.00$16.00depend on the weight (Active shipping cost)
Air mail(5-10days)$6.00$9.00$13.00$17.00$21.00depend on the weight (Active shipping cost)
EMS to US CA etc(within 7days)$16.00ASK$ASK $ASK$ASK$depend on the weight (Active shipping cost)
EMS to Europe etc(within 7 days)$20.00ASK$ASK$ASK$ASK$depend on the weight (Active shipping cost)

The shipping cost will depend on both your shipping location and the total weight of your order. Option
(register option + $5 ) (the insurance option +$5). EMS has both option.

Other Payment

If you use Money Order (US domestic) or Sending Cash or Check (US bank).
I will let you know the adress.

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