There is a for aiming at bidirectional communication.

Please write business or an opinion ,comment,etc ,to my BBS freely.

Feb. 21, 2018
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About Us

About Ransky and Reica!

Hello Powerful World customer ^^
Thanks for your looking about us Page!!

We opened Free DOUJINSHI auction for customer and us.

We wellcome Sellers and Buyers.
Recently commission at the general auction site is very expensive and

Regulation is too strict to sell doujinshi comfortably .

We will set the price that auction system's commission was deducted.
Our auction has no competition@@;; so you can get good doujinshi cheaper than other site. ...probably...

There is a for aiming at bidirectional communication.

Please write business or an opinion ,comment,etc ,to my BBS freely.

I also have Japanese goods request from you

State of Comiket
This event is Mecca of Doujinshi.Comiket is a quater of a century old event
with more than 30000 Doujinshi-circle and 300000 participants.(by Comiket Catalog)

Self Introduction

HELLO My name on Net is ransky.I live in Japan. I will make freiendship with you. I have lived in HYOUGO-KEN since I was born. OSAKA , KOBE are near here. It is convince to get Japanese rare Goods. I have worked in the SOFT WARE COMPANY for 10 years. It is the very busy business world. My girl named reica is cartoonist. it is MANGAKA whom they call in Japanese. She draws the picture that is cute as following. I love hentai doujinshi and She loves Yaoi Doujinshi too. We enjoy going to look for an interesting Doujinshi. If you come to Japan Let's go to look for it with us. Such as us ,We will introduce You a japanese interesting goods.

Reica's Doujinshi introduction

Doujinshi is the book which is self published by amateur and professional cartoonist. Doujinshi is best school for amateur cartoonist to learn artistic sense. Some amateur cartoonist published doujinshi will be professional famous cartoonist. Many people thought Doujinshi is comic strip but there are novel and an illustration collection photograph collection as well.The origin of doujinshi is parody. There is freedom of the creation out of Publishing company's Pressure. Most enjoyable thing to look for The doujinshi (include cute highquality picture.) is to find good doujinshi which a small scale circle published. if you looked for favorite DOUJINSHI You should get it quickly because doujinshi is printed low.You hardly get it soon. It is not an advertisement.
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